As you all probably know from editing on here, a whole lot of compounds, elements, etc. that we have articles on are known by more than one name, or by an abbreviated version. When new articles are made, it would be helpful(especially for the sake of people being able to find out whether an article has already been written or not) if we could make redirect pages for the various names of a topic other than the title of the article about it. It's pretty simple to do(though I'm not sure if you all know how to do it or not). For example, we recently added the article Caesium to the wiki. However, it is also often spelled cesium. So to prevent confusion, what I did was add a new page titled "cesium", go into the editor, and without typing any text into the article, clicked the drop down box with the three horizontal lines and selected "page settings". From here, you can just check the "redirect this page to" box and type in the page to redirect it to, in this case, caesium. Then, you can simply return to the editor and click "publish" without putting any text in, and the alternate name will now appear in the search bar when looking for the topic. This would be useful for huge numbers of articles (for example, isopropyl alcohol for isopropanol), so please consider doing it if you can. Sorry for being so long-winded, I just didn't want anyone confused on how to do it(and I apologise if you already knew).

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