These are some unanswered questions which home experimentation many uncover the answers to.

Inorganic chemistryEdit

Transition metals and coordination chemistryEdit

  • What is the optimal method of producing ethylenediamine complexes of chromium?
  • Why does chromium(III) sulfate undergo numerous color changes?
  • Is it possible to isolate bis(ethylenediamine)nickel(II) chloride as a neutral complex?
  • What is the reddish powder obtained by dissolving molybdenum in nitric acid?

Lanthanides and actinidesEdit

  • What is the optimal storage technique for europium(II) compounds?
  • Is it possible to stabilize samarium(II) or ytterbium(II) compounds in a commonly available aprotic solvent, such as methanol or diethyl ether? Can they be crystallized without decomposition?
  • What lanthanide ions are fluorescent? What ligands and anions can enhance this?
  • What types of ligands can lanthanide ions coordinate to?

Organic chemistryEdit


Energetic materialsEdit


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