This page contains helpful information regarding contributing to this wiki

Areas Needing Work

In order of necessity:

Wanted Pages

Go here for a list of wanted pages that need to be made, based on how other pages wish to link to them.


Go here for a list of short pages that need more content. If you find an article that you believe to be a stub, just type {{stub}} at the top of the page.

Unsatisfactory Pages

The pages in this category have been deemed unsatisfactory because they need major improvements to meet the wiki's standards. If you find an article that you think is unsatisfactory, but you don't have time to fix it yourself, you can tag it by typing {{unsatisfactory}} at the top of the page.

Pages without categories

Categories make both navigating and managing a wiki easier. If a page isn't in any categories, it can be dificult to find. Here, you can find pages without categories. It is very easy to add categories. Try to see if the page will fit in any existing categories.

Categories: A list of categories may be found here.

All Pages

Alternatively, there is also a list of all pages on the wiki here.

Advice Regarding Editing/Citing Sources

Main Page: Editing Guidelines

If you're making a page for a chemical compound or an element, make sure to use the template. This can be done simply by clicking the link that appears at the top of the editor when you make a new page.

When you create a page, make sure to create a section at the bottom to cite where your information originated from. It doesn't have to be anything formal, just a link to a scientific journal or publication, or even to a Wikipedia page, Sciencemadness or other scientific forum thread, or a personal experiment write-up. You can also use a written source. In this case, provide the title, edition, and year of publication.

When you upload an image or use one from another website, make sure that it is public domain if it doesn't belong to you, and select the appropriate licensing option when uploading, under More Options-> Licensing