Ampoule Edit

170px-Ampoule pharmaceutique

An Ampoule is a vessel, commonly made from glass, it is used to store chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Ampoules are hermetically sealed to prevent contamination from the outside atmosphere and can also be filled with an inert gas to prevent samples from degrading.

Ampoules are sealed using an open flame to melt the thin glass on the top, and broken by scoring the neck with a file and snapping the neck off.

Examples of chemicals sold in ampoules are injectable pharmaceuticals, air-sensitive reagents, hygroscopic materials like deuterated solvents(for NMR), and analytical standards.

Make your own ampoules Edit

Main article: Ampoule production

Ampoules can be easily obtained online from sites such as eBay or American Science and Surplus, however one can make ampoules from glass Pasteur pipettes or glass test tubes.

Lab Equipment- Glass Ampoules01:26

Lab Equipment- Glass Ampoules

How to make a ampoule from a test tube at home07:22

How to make a ampoule from a test tube at home

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